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First Contact

Love in the World of Make-Believe


Winter Solstice in the Black


4/18/15: Why I believe in diversity in science fiction: an answer to the counter-arguments.character creation, characters, differences in genre, diverse characters, diversity, fantasy, genres, science fiction, social issues, World Building, writer, writing.

4/9/15: A utopian vision of the future from a dystopian author
challenge, Education, government, infrastructure, science fiction, space travel, taxes, Universal Health care, utopian society, utopian vision.

3/7/15: The Light Side of the Moon Updatebook, books, novel, Other Systems, science fiction, THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON, update.

3/1/15 Draft #3 of the Grove is finished…
Tagged: Contemporary Fantasy, drafts, editing, fantasy, fantasy genre, first readers, rewriting, Sorcery, The Grove, Trees, writing.

2/15/15 Why I did not enjoy Jupiter Ascending…but you might…

1/26/15 Five Time Management Tools for Writers
Tagged: artwork, author's life, calendars, deadlines, meal plan, schedule, time management, to do lists, writer, writing.

1/12/15: My RustyCon Speaking Schedule
Tagged: books, comics, Conventions, literature, Panels, Rustycon, sci-fi, science fiction, SFF, speaker, speaking, writer, writing.

1/08/15: The Light Side of the Moon Update: I see more editing in the future…
Tagged: #amediting, author, author's life, book, books, editing, kill your darlings, Other Systems, science fiction, THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON

12/31/15 Happy New Year: My Writerly Goals for 2015
Tagged: author, author's life, goals, science fiction, THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON, to-do list
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Out for Souls & Cookies #5

When Rosamundian and Tychobraticus hear Satan is heading to a comic book convention to make some "deals", they fear their servent might be tempted by fame or mone.
They go to rescue her.


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Other Systems

Would you go to a colonized planet
that has never known
hunger, war, or even a single murder?

Abby is about to discover the cost of utopia.


Available in Paperback and E-book at

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ISBN: 978-1-937546-01-4







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