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Artemis V is a planet under a slow-moving, relentless siege which has lasted hundreds of years. Every fourteen months, the Takers steal children. Every family has been touched. Locked in their rooms or under the watchful guard of their parents, children still vanish in the night. No one knows how it happens or who takes them.

Except for maybe one. Hart knows who the Takers are and has defeated them in the past. Written by Jennifer Brozek. Illustrated by Elizabeth Guizzetti. The Prince of Artemis V is a story of hard choices, family duty, and the bonds between siblings no one can break.

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Autobiography (Just kidding!)

Two demons, Rosamudian and Tycho Braticus, want to retire, but hell has no retirement plan so they dress up like poodles and move to Seattle where people will take care of them! 

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Historical Horror

Two wide-eyed prospectors leave Seattle for the Yukon Gold Rush. Following the path of a Stampeder, they expect to reach Dawson's creek and scoop gold out of the river. Instead find back-breaking work and a clan of man-eating sirens.

Paperback Out of Print Until October 2019 , but read webcomic here!



A dying world and a young mercenary elf, Lark, tries to hold her dysfunctional family together through several jobs: The Carp's Eye, Living Stone, and Mareton's Curse.

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