Transformative Holiday Traditions
Looking for a heart warming, but not too sappy Christmas dramatized radio play with vampires?

Transitional Holiday Traditions explores how before 1951, the Christians of the Paper Flower Consortium fasted over Christmas Eve. However, things changed after fourteen-year-old, Norma was accidently transformed. Taken in by her "vampire grandpa" Derrik and his wife, Pascaline, Norma is safe, but misses her old life and struggles with bloodlust. Worse, Norma and Derrik argue about everything! 

One night, Norma and Derrik come to an understanding after a series of tiny miracles and "modern Christmas Merriments." 

CAST: Norma Rollins ... Stevie Rae Causey 
Derrik Miller  ... Evan Witt 
Pascaline Fabron Aubinet Miller ... Gretchen SB 
Agata Bankier ... Jennifer Brozek 
Jeffery Conway ... Ronnie Mason
Loretta Fabron Onfoy ... Elizabeth Guizzetti
Sydella, Usher, & Switchboard Operator... Nikki Burton

Come for an Evening, Stay for an Eternity



Norma's story continues in this special dramatized episode. Residing in the coven, Norma is now safe, but extremely lonely. When she brings the ghost of a dog home, Derrik must act fast, before she follows the ghost into the grave.


Stevie Rae Causey as Norma

Evan Witt as Derrik

Jennifer Brozek as Lady Agata

Nikki Burton as Mother Singing

Dennis Roberts as Workman #2, Ghost #1

Elizabeth Guizzetti as Workman #1, Ghost #2 and as Lady Loretta, Historian 


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Upcoming Topics:

  • Pets

  • Reflections

  • Safety

  • Evil Books

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Illustrations of most episodes coming next year. Prints will be 11 x 17 and signed.

Paper Flower Consortium is a weekly podcast from the largest vampire coven in Seattle. Their stories are told by Loretta Fabron Onfoy, coven historian, in hope that they are not lost as language changes and the next generation of vampires will learn from them.

Some tales are horrific, others are droll, and others are full of misadventures - just like any eternal existence! 

Episodes are sponsored by the Paper Flower Consortium's Business Community and followed by questions from curious initiates.

Music by Evan Witt. Learn more at

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