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Paper Flower Consortium is a podcast from the largest vampire coven in Seattle. Stories are told by Loretta Fabron Onfoy, coven historian, in hope that the modern vampire's way of life is not lost during the next great language transformation. Some tales in this anthology are horrific, some are droll, some are filled with misadventure--just like any eternal existence. Episodes sponsored by the Paper Flower Consortium's Business Community. The history is followed by questions from curious initiates.


Want to support the show? 

Paper Flower Consortium Podcast appreciates any and all support. If you love this podcast, please like and share episodes. If you can afford it, consider donating either one time with paypal, monthly with Patreon or by buying merch which you can get on Tee Public or the books in my shop

Dying to ask Loretta a question about vampirism which will be featured on the podcast?

Intro & Outro Music by Evan Witt

Learn more about his amazing music at

Upcoming Episodes

April 2023: Episode 23: The Problem of Children




May 2023: Episode 24: Forgetting how to Vampire

June 2023: Becoming Trapped

July 2023: Different types of Light

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