ELizabeth Guizzetti

Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Writing & Artwork

Do you like stories about demons, aliens, robots, vampires, elves or other fantastical folk living life, going on adventures, and making it through their worlds? Me too!

I couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a career as a professional author and illustrator. This site is updated with all my books with excerpts, comics, podcast episodes and galleries of current art.

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Coming April 1, 2021

Early Release for Patreons

Examination of the Old and New (Or What Would Dracula do?)

CAST: Norma Rollins ... Stevie Rae Causey 
Derrik Miller  ... Evan Witt 
Pascaline Fabron Aubinet Miller ... Gretchen SB 

Loretta Fabron Onfoy ... Elizabeth Guizzetti
Mrs. Washington ... Jennifer Brozek

Ona...Nikki Burton

Augustus ... Ronnie Mason 
Simon/Ezra... Dennis Roberts

Marcus / Oskar...Adam Watson