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Transformative Holiday Traditions
Looking for a heart warming, but not too sappy Christmas dramatized radio play with vampires?

Transitional Holiday Traditions explores how before 1951, the Christians of the Paper Flower Consortium fasted over Christmas Eve. However, things changed after fourteen-year-old, Norma was accidently transformed. Taken in by her bloodline progenitor Derrik and his wife, Pascaline, Norma misses her old life and struggles with bloodlust. Worse, Norma and Derrik seem to argue about everything, including the upcoming Christmas Eve Fast - a tradition which hasn't changed since the middle ages. 

Can a
 series of tiny kindesses and "modern Christmas Merriments" salvage their relationship? 

CAST: Norma Rollins ... Stevie Rae Causey 
Derrik Miller  ... Evan Witt 
Pascaline Fabron Aubinet Miller ... Gretchen SB 
Agata Bankier ... Jennifer Brozek 
Jeffery Conway ... Ronnie Mason
Loretta Fabron Onfoy ... Elizabeth Guizzetti
Sydella, Usher, & Switchboard Operator... Nikki Burton

Do you like to read books about demons, aliens, robots, vampires, elves or other fantastical folk living life, going on adventures, and making it through their worlds? Me too!

I’ve always been enthusiastic about science fiction and fantasy literature and artwork, and couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career as a professional Author and Illustrator. I keep this site updated with all my work, whether they are traditionally or independently published. It has excerpts for my novels and novellas and a variety of illustration portfolios to browse.

Paper Flower Consortium is a bi-weekly podcast from the largest vampire coven in Seattle. Their stories are told by Loretta Fabron Onfoy, coven historian, in hope that the modern vampire's way of life is not lost during the next great language transformation. Some tales are horrific, others are droll, and others are full of misadventures - just like any eternal existence! 

Episodes are sponsored by the Paper Flower Consortium's Business Community. The history is followed up by questions from curious initiates.  

Updated the 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month!


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Principality of Moldavia


Newly transformed vampires, Jakub and Agata, depart their beloved village to protect their children. Inspired by the country’s famed knights, the two travel to France to find adventure and bask in their eternal love. However, ancient predators roam the land and the road is long, treacherous, and expensive. 

Empire of France


Oppressed by their bloodlust and attempting to govern their enigmatic powers, Jakub and Agata join the French court. France is reeling from the last war and in the middle of another, and the King has greater concerns than protecting an unimportant rural community where it is rumored that three witches steal livestock and children. Jakub is tasked to conquer the fiends. Soon, he discovers another beast, more hideous, dwells under the Earth.

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Principality of Moldavia, 1509

While her beloved husband is away at war, Agata manages their estate and dairy. One night, she is called to assist a first-year heifer. She does not know a vampire lurks in the darkness. Agata wakes in the birthing barn disoriented, wounded, bitten, and defiled. Her son is injured, but alive. The herdsman is discovered with his throat gnawed open. Several cows are missing. 

Plunged into a strange existence of monstrous cravings, she moves to secure her children’s futures before the details of the attack is known. News spreads quickly in her village. With the conviction she might regain her honor by defeating the vampire, Agata leaves her parish. Unaided, she crosses the mountains to an ancient crumbling Roman fort where it is said the vampire resides. However, the vampire doesn’t live alone.

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Norma Mae Rollins never chose to be a vampire, but she enjoys her undead life. She runs a profitable cleaning service that assists Seattle’s paranormal community by straightening up messy interactions. In the past year, she has found it lucrative to expand her services to private investigation.

Between long December nights and Christmas preparations, Norma needs sleep. She is awoken during the day when Persimmon, a barista, is found impaled on a compostable straw at a local pixie-owned cat café. Fearing the other pixies might fly off the job or Persimmon’s fiancé might take revenge upon one of her beloved cats, the café’s proprietor begs Norma to discover what happened. 

Norma won’t rest until she discovers if this was a tragic accident or cold-blooded murder.



Death Hears a Siren

Norma never chose to be a vampire, but she enjoys her undead life. She runs a profitable cleaning service which assists Seattle’s paranormal community by straightening untidy interactions with humans or each other. She loves her work. She and her sole employee, Carlos, have a good rapport. (It helps both vampires and zombies have an affinity for a high protein/low carb diet.) 

When three witches on vacation find the body of a dead mermaid in their houseboat, Norma is called in to clean up the body no questions asked. When the mermaid's family shows up, things really get messy. 


Norma never chose to be a vampire, but she enjoys her undead life. She runs a profitable cleaning service which assists Seattle’s paranormal community by straightening up messy interactions with humans or each other. Norma owns a condo in Capitol Hill with very little natural sunlight. She loves movies, vampire friendly clubs, and playing board games with her ancestors at the Paper Flower Consortium, Seattle’s largest vampire coven.  

A vampire is found staked in the hallway of the coven and panic sweeps through the community. When a second body is discovered, the coven’s chief of security is pressured to solve the case as quickly as possible. A vampire from her bloodline is implicated. Can Norma clean up this mess and find the real killer before they strike again?


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