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Honor and Chivalry Among Vampires

Honor and Chivalry Among Vampires

Honor and Chivalry Among Vampires.  

The story that tells the beginnings of Agata's bloodline.


Moldavia, 1509: While her beloved husband is away at war, Agata manages their estate and dairy. One night, however, a monster lurks in the darkness. Agata wakes in the birthing barn disoriented, wounded, and defiled. Her son is injured, but alive. The herdsman is discovered with his throat gnawed open. Plunged into a strange existence of monstrous cravings, she moves to secure her children’s futures before the details of the attack is known. With the conviction she might regain her honor by defeating the vampire, Agata leaves her parish. Unaided, she crosses the mountains to a crumbling Roman fort where it is said the vampire resides.


Kingdom of France, 1510: Inspired by the country’s famed knights, Agata and Jakub travel to France to protect their children from their new immortal natures. They find a king with greater concerns than protecting an unimportant rural community where it is rumored that three witches steal livestock and children. To prove his loyalty, Jakub is tasked to conquer the fiends. Soon, he discovers another beast, more hideous, dwells under the Earth

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