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Death Sticks a Pixie

Death Sticks a Pixie

SKU: 9871950708079

Norma Mae Rollins never chose to be a vampire, but she enjoys her undead life. She runs a profitable cleaning service that assists Seattle’s paranormal community by straightening up messy interactions. In the past year, she has found it lucrative to expand her services to private investigation.


Between long December nights and Christmas preparations, Norma needs sleep. She is awoken during the day when Persimmon, a barista, is found impaled on a compostable straw at a local pixie-owned cat café. Fearing the other pixies might fly off the job or Persimmon’s fiancé might take revenge upon one of her beloved cats, the café’s proprietor begs Norma to discover what happened. 


Norma won’t rest until she discovers if this was a tragic accident or cold-blooded murder.


Novella length Stand Alone Mystery

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