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The Morality of A Necromancer

The Morality of A Necromancer

SKU: 978-0999559833

In the chaotic universe, many intelligent species are on the brink of war, but the Guild holds the violence at bay to foster peaceful trade. The most renowned War Ender is Lady Alana of House Eyreid. She found her apprentice, Eohan's enslaved brother at a terrible cost and now must repay the debt. Eohan's brother, Kian, is too ill to travel so she leaves her three apprentices nestled in a safehouse, deep within the forests of Daouail where they are only wanted for regicide.


Knowing the longer she is away the greater likelyhood that they are discovered, Alana instructs, Roark and Eohan to find safe passage to Fairdhel as soon as they can. However, when some unexected help arrives from Alana's old Guild associates, the three young disobey thier master's edict and seek the dead Empress's ruby: a gem known to promote great wisdom for the wearer for a price.

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