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The War Ender's Apprentice, Signed Paperback

The War Ender's Apprentice, Signed Paperback

SKU: 978-0-9995598-0-2

In the chaotic universe, many intelligent species are on the brink of war, but the Guild holds the violence at bay to foster peaceful trade. The most renowned War Ender is Lady Alana of House Eyreid. Alana hopes to train her beloved nephew, Roark, in her vocation.

It was supposed to be a simple training mission aboard an Interrealm slave ship. However, when Alana find her people enslaved, she murders the crew and rescues every slave—whether criminal, dishonored, or stolen. A fleeting vision of Roark's future tells her to offer the newly freed Eohan a War Ender’s education.

For her vision to come true, Alana must rescue Eohan’s young brother who was sold in the last port and lost somewhere in the Realms, but first, they have a war to end.


Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9995598-0-2
178 pages


    No returns on signed books


    I ship within 24 hours Monday through Saturday. First Class USPS. 

  • Personalization

    In this book, I write: It's hard to find one's path in life, good luck finding yours. Then I sign my name. 


    If you would like it signed a different way, please let me know by filling out the Custom Text. Please Note: I only sign my books with encouraging messages. 

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