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  • Elizabeth Guizzetti

A new comic is coming....

As I've hinted at during this last year, I've been hard at work illustrating a new futuristic fantasy comic: Jennifer Brozek's beloved short story, The Prince of Artemis V!

Artemis V is the only place in the Universe where the purpuran flower. The main component of the imperial royal dye, grows. Beholden to the Empire, the harvesters of the delicate plant can only follow their corporate master's wishes or starve. Woe to the workers trapped on the unforgiving planet if they fail in their assigned task.

Artemis V is also a planet under a slow-moving, relentless siege which has lasted hundreds of years. Every fourteen months, the Takers steal certain children, ages eight to fourteen, of Artemis V. Every family has been touched. Locked in their rooms or under the watchful guard of their parents, children still vanish in the night. No one knows how it happens or who takes them.

Except for maybe one. Hart lost his twin brother, Toar, to the Takers. His sister, Lanteri, is now of the Taking age. But Hart has a secret: he knows who the Takers are and has defeated them in the past. When his mom begs Hart to keep Lanteri safe, he agrees. The question is... does he really want to?

The Prince of Artemis V is a story of hard choices, family duty, and the bonds between siblings no one can break.

Published by Apocalypse Ink Productions, The Prince of Artemis V will be coming out in Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-940444-34-5

48 Pages

You can get the paperback on Amazon, from me at conventions, or check out the Webcomic at Apocalypse Ink Productions.

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