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  • Elizabeth Guizzetti

Book Reviews February Edition

So this month, I mostly read some science fiction, but I also read one fantasy book. It was a good month for reading.

Though I enjoyed this book, I had a hard time staying with it. This might just be where I am right now.

It had interesting fully developed characters and much of Jeff Vandermeer's language is beautiful.

It Devors! A Welcome to Night Vale Novel by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor

I enjoyed this fast paced mystery which focused on a love affair between a scientist and a religious man and the two saving the world. The protagonists are interesting as is the mystery of what is happening to Night Vale. The dialouge in parts is snappy. The setting however is the star as with all the strange ongoings, the characters are ultimately just people living in a friendly desert community where the locals call newcomers "interlopers and where ghosts, angels, and government surveillance are commonplace. The book is at its best when they are interacting with the rules of the setting such as when the religious zealot realizes his church's stories are not metaphor, but reality and when the scientist is comforting a spy helicopter pilot going through a tough breakup.

And finally I read one fantasy book: Too Many Curses.

Overall this book was funny, sweet and light fantasy novel about a housekeeper kobold whose wizard died and left a castle full of curses for her to deal with. Some cursed people, cursed objects, trapped demons, monsters, all look to her to take care of them. Ultimately, it was just what I needed when I read it.

I had not read A. Lee Martinez before, though I had seen his books at the bookstore and I thought I'd check this one out because after It Devours I wanted to read another genre comedy.

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